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Planning Meals Encourages Healthy Eating Habits

A healthy diet is a cornerstone of wellbeing, physically and mentally. Healthy eating eventually becomes a habit, but it takes some effort to learn about the best food choices to make, how to prepare and cook a variety of recipes, and to plan the grocery lists and shopping, especially for seniors who may have limited mobility, or for those who live on their own. It is especially important for seniors to eat well to help prevent illness and manage current conditions like heart problems and diabetes.

Activities To Increase Heart Health For Seniors

Heart disease is dangerously common, and while there are genetic components, there are several lifestyle choices we can make to help limit the likelihood of heart problems throughout our lives. As a group, seniors may face special circumstances that can pose extra challenges, but it is always possible to improve one’s physical activity levels, diet, stress management, and social activities to promote good heart health.