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Coping with the Symptoms Of Dementia

Dementia can develop because of a mixture of influencing factors that are not yet fully understood, including one’s age, genetics, environmental conditions, lifestyle and habits, and other medical conditions and history. Some of these factors are controllable, while others are not. The main symptoms include difficulties remembering, communicating, and thinking – and therefore acting as one usually does.

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

The light of a new year has arrived, and it is a natural time to reflect upon last year and think about the future. This year, and every year, self-care should be a central part of your senior loved one’s lifestyle. Seniors are a group that tend to let self-care slip because they have lived a life filled with caring for others. This year consider suggesting that they make a concerted effort to focus on their own health, as well: physical, social, and emotional.