Wandering Detection: What is Wandering and How to Prevent It?

To some, wandering might sound like something pleasant you do while on vacation as you aimlessly roam up and down an unfamiliar city street. But to those people living with Dementia and their family members, wandering is a much more dangerous activity. Wandering for those living with Dementia is a response to stress, anxiety, and confusion. People living with Dementia may wander when they get lost or can’t recognize familiar surroundings. They can wind up taking the wrong turn while coming home one day, or they can walk out the door wanting to “go home” even when they’re already there. Here at Integracare Home Care in Toronto, we understand how stressful wandering can be. That’s why we’re sharing our guide on wandering detection and prevention below. Learn why people wander, who’s at greater risk, and how to reduce the risk of your loved one dangerously wandering. Why Do People [...]