Dealing with Personality Changes and Responsive Behaviours in Seniors Living with Dementia

Dementia is a cluster of chronic, progressive diseases that damage the brain, so a Dementia diagnosis can eventually come with sweeping changes to a person’s cognitive abilities. This damage is responsible for all the hallmark symptoms of the disease that lead many people to require home care assistance: staggering memory loss, mobility impairments, and communication issues. But Dementia can also produce significant changes in a person’s personality and behaviour. You might notice your loved ones not acting like themselves as the disease progresses. They might do or say things they would have never done before living with Dementia. While it can be extremely upsetting to see a parent or partner behaving out of character, it’s a normal and expected speedbump for people with Dementia. Understanding how and why Dementia affects a person’s personality and behaviour may help you cope with these changes. Changes in the Brain: Why Dementia Personality [...]