Everything You Need to Know About Vascular Dementia

The term Dementia is used to describe a series of symptoms that affect an individual’s memory, their critical thinking skills, and their social abilities to the extent that it starts to influence or affect their day-to-day life. Here at Integracare, we understand how distressing it may be to receive a Dementia diagnosis — be it for yourself or for a loved one. To help you understand the symptoms, we’re sharing our insights into four types of Dementia with a special focus on Vascular Dementia. General symptoms or signs of Dementia vary dependent on the cause and on the individual. Some General Cognitive Symptoms May Be Memory loss, such as consistently forgetting someone’s name or being unable to remember the day, month, or year. Verbal communication problems, including difficulty finding words or becoming verbally reclusive. Problems with geography, like forgetting the location of a house or store or getting lost [...]