Strategies for Simplifying Daily Tasks for Individuals with Dementia

“Dementia” is an umbrella term — it’s not one single disease. Instead, it’s a useful way to encompass several diseases that affect the brain. Diseases classified under the label Dementia can affect a person’s memory, physical abilities and thought processes — to name just a few symptoms — which, over time, can reduce their ability to successfully and safely complete Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) alone. Today, an increasing number of adults are opting to stay in the comfort of their own homes as they age. This includes those who have received a life-altering diagnosis — of Dementia or otherwise. In fact, a National Institute of Ageing/TELUS Health Survey found that “almost 100 percent of Canadians 65 years of age and older report that they plan on supporting themselves to live safely and independently in their own home as long as possible.” For us, this makes perfect sense: a family [...]