Understanding Sundowning: A Guide for Dementia Caregivers

People living with Dementia can often lead happy and fulfilling lives following their diagnosis. However, as the disease advances, physical, mental, and behavioural symptoms will present themselves, making it difficult for the person to live safely and comfortably alone. These symptoms vary based on the individual. Some of the factors that can impact the advancement of Dementia (advancing through the different stages of mild, middle, and late) include age, physical health, and if the person has other concurrent medical issues. As sundowning symptoms increase in propensity and begin to evolve past the mild stage, those living with Dementia and the loved ones who support them may need to seek more consistent support from a family Caregiver or to secure person-centred Home Care from experienced Dementia Caregivers — like those here at Integracare Home Care. As the most qualified provider of Dementia Care in Toronto and Mississauga, we understand the many [...]