Collaborative Care: The Importance of Involving Individuals Living with Dementia in Decision-Making

We make decisions throughout our entire lives, almost unceasingly. They can be minor, like what to have for dinner or what route to take home from work. And they can be major, like whether to put in an offer on a house or whether to accept that shiny new job offer. Regardless of the scope, freedom of choice is something that we take for granted. Our ability to choose dictates the trajectory of our days, years, and lives, and it’s something that makes us uniquely us. So when there’s news of a life-altering diagnosis, like Dementia, it’s understandable, and only fair, for the person living with a type of this disease to not only have a say in their future care but to also have input in day-to-day decision-making. Today, we will highlight the importance and value of collaborative care and involving a loved one living with Dementia in [...]