The Impact of Social Isolation on Individuals Living with Dementia

Dementia is a condition that affects memory, thinking, and behaviour, making it challenging for individuals to engage in social activities and maintain relationships. When these individuals become socially isolated, it can exacerbate their cognitive decline and negatively impact their mental health. However, engaging in activities that stimulate the mind and foster social connections can significantly benefit individuals living with Dementia. These activities can provide a sense of purpose, promote feelings of belonging, and help individuals maintain a sense of identity. How Does Isolation Make Dementia Worse? Isolation creates risk of a decline in mental health by exacerbating the symptoms of Dementia and accelerating cognitive decline. How? Well, when individuals with Dementia are socially isolated, they lack the mental stimulation and engagement necessary to keep their brains active and functioning optimally. This can lead to a faster decline in cognitive abilities, memory loss, and difficulties with daily tasks. Additionally, isolation [...]