An advocate is someone who can speak for another, commonly used in the legal arena when someone speaks in court. A health advocate similarly assists with navigating the modern healthcare system to ensure anyone ill or unable to speak for him/herself has a voice that they can trust. Often this burden falls on a family member, but this person might not be able to perform the role adequately or could simply be unavailable. Sometimes there isn’t anyone else, period.

Unfortunately, in today’s modern healthcare climate, doctors don’t always have the time to describe the entire landscape of options and answer every concern that is raised. An advocate can ask vital questions efficiently and help fill in the blanks. A professional at Integracare home health care services will assume the role of advocate for a family member who needs expert knowledge of healthcare options.  Additionally, references to other advocacy services include financial, estate planning, taxation, estate and downsizing can be arranged with trustworthy partners.

Integracare’s Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers are available on-call and can assist clients 24/7. Whenever needed, your family member’s advocate can prepare for appointments ahead of time and help review the results afterward. Having the ears and eyes of a healthcare professional who is present during any meetings is also useful should any legal issues arise.

It is difficult to navigate the healthcare system, and it is even more challenging to do so while ill. A Client’s focus should be on their condition, healing, and wellness, not worrying about taking thorough notes and struggling to understand complex, jargon-filled conversations. A private, at-home Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse or Personal Support Worker who is caring for your family member, and therefore knows them well, makes an excellent advocate. He or she can explain details of medical history and will have access to results, prescriptions, and other paperwork. Because he or she is a member of the care team, they have intimate and expert knowledge. Your loved one and advocate can discuss the progress and usefulness of a treatment and make adjustments or new appointments together. Integracare can transform the situation from overwhelming to beneficial.

Making the decision to seek an advocate or other private health care services for yourself, a family member, or a dear friend is difficult. We understand your concerns. From the moment you contact us, we promise to provide compassionate and practical assistance. We offer a comprehensive list of other services provided by Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, and Certified Personal Support Workers. We deliver quality home health care that is tailored to client needs, beliefs, and cultural practices, whether at home, at a residence, or at a health care facility. We believe in fostering independence and comfort with an emphasis on enhancing joyful living. Our site has resources for more information relating to other health topics that might concern you.

The modern healthcare system continues to become more complex over time. Having a professional health advocate you can trust to maneuver the process and complications that arise, can be a great relief for you and your family member. Please call us to learn more and ask about private support services for your loved one.