Coming from a family of Nurses, I have been drawn to the Nursing profession since I was little. Growing up, I lived with my Grandparents and I remember “playing Nurse” with my Grandmother and pretending to take care of her. I had a toy stethoscope and would “listen” to her heartbeat, and give her “medicine”. When it came time to choose a career path later on, there was no question about it – I knew that I wanted to be a Nurse.

I am passionate about helping others and I truly believe that Integracare provides the best home health care in the industry. Clients and their families come to us to provide home health care with high standards and expectations, and there is nothing more rewarding than making that happen and having happy Clients that are well taken care of.

– Jessica, RPN

I chose Nursing because it has always been my passion to help people. I find it rewarding to be able to provide care, compassion, and comfort to those in their time of need. I chose Nursing because it is a very meaningful career surrounded by new experiences, opportunities, and challenges.

Being a Nurse at Integracare has given me a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. Working here has taught me what it takes to provide the best quality of care for our Clients, and has reminded me why I became a nurse.

– Aliyah