Careworker with Seniors

Integracare is your source for quality and compassionate live-in home care in Toronto and Mississauga. We understand that ageing in a familiar, comfortable place is essential to a joyous life. This is why we provide home health care services so that you or your loved one can age in place.

Home health care should be compassionate, detailed and attentive, which is exactly what our carefully selected live in caregivers offer. Our professional live-in care services will ensure that our Clients are provided with the daily support they require to live a healthy, safe and fulfilling life.

Professional Live-in Care Services in Toronto and Mississauga

At Integracare, all of our live-in Caregivers are carefully screened through background checks and references to ensure that they can provide quality personalized care and form relationships with Clients. We match our Clients with Caregivers based on our Clients’ medical needs and personal preferences.

Our screening and matching process is thorough so that every Client gets paired with a Caregiver that can provide him/her with the resources and compassion they need to succeed and age in place comfortably.

Our live-in Caregivers in Toronto and Mississauga are equipped to assist with meal preparation, personal care, daily living and other duties as assigned.

You can rest easy knowing that we also have Nursing Coordinators on staff — registered practical nurses — who regularly visit our Clients to ensure that Caregivers and Clients are well matched.

Integracare Live-In Caregivers in Toronto and Mississauga also boast experience and education in Dementia Care.  All of our Caregivers receive education in all four facets of Dementia Care from the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto to keep them up to date on advancements, resources and relevant skills.

Careworker with Senior

What Are the Benefits of Live-in Home Health Care?

There are various benefits to enlisting the help of our professional live-in care services in Toronto & Mississauga, including personal comfort, access and personalization:

24/7 Care: A live-in Caregiver will be able to provide consistent care throughout the day.

Support: Our Caregivers are committed to providing the necessary support to help Clients comfortably age in place whether they are recovering from an injury, illness, or have limited mobility.

Familiarity: Seniors deserve to age in a place where they are most comfortable. At Integracare, we are able to provide quality health care services without removing our Clients from the comfort of their home.

Personalized: Our Clients are provided with live-in health care personalized to their unique needs. We make it a point to pair every Client with a Caregiver based on their individual medical needs and personal preferences. These carefully selected live-in Caregivers provide person-centered care plans designed to suit a Client’s individual abilities and interests.

Home Health Care in Toronto & Mississauga You Can Trust

At Integracare, our staff is thoroughly screened, vetted and trained. Based on their specialty, our live-in Caregivers are paired with a Client to suit their medical needs, including Dementia Care or Palliative Care.

It is with great pride that we offer live-in care services in Toronto and Mississauga. Our staff of certified registered nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and personal support workers are equipped to provide companionship and assistance in various situations.

Our home health care services aren’t limited to personal support workers, palliative care, wound care, physiotherapy, massage therapy and dementia care. Our staff is equipped with the resources, training and compassion necessary to provide trustworthy, quality home health care. Get in touch to learn more about our live-in home health care services in Toronto and Mississauga today