You may have heard of Lupus, Celiac Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Type 1 Diabetes. They all fall under the larger umbrella of Autoimmune Disease (AD). When functioning properly, the immune system protects us from infections and illness. An autoimmune disease is a condition where a person’s immune system is attacking their healthy tissue instead of warding off sickness. Because these disorders are potentially confusing, common, and often highly misunderstood, having a dedicated medical team who knows how to care for these nagging, ongoing symptoms, who understands what your loved one is going through, and who can assist them in their home, offers great peace of mind. Everyone can be confident and informed while your family member receives the tailored care they need, wherever they need it.

Integracare is based in Toronto and offers a comprehensive list of private healthcare services wherever your family member calls home. Patients get the personal and specific attention of our nursing coordinators who are on-call any time to offer supervision or to answer questions or concerns, whether from the Client, their Family, or a Caregiver. The symptoms of AD are generalized, range in severity, can last for extended periods, and can look like symptoms of many other possible conditions. Patients benefit greatly, and ADs are completely manageable with access to continuous care. Support from a respectful, professional caregiver – whether a Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, Physiotherapist, or Personal Support Worker – who is up-to-date on the latest research makes a huge difference.

Chronic pain and the experience of this pain changes over time with an autoimmune disease. Having a schedule filled with multiple demands and needing to arrange for proper transportation to a healthcare centre when a sudden bout of pain hits someone in your care can add extra stress to an already hectic week. Integracare’s work is focused on supporting both the changing nature of a Client’s symptoms and the needs of family members and caregivers who already dedicate many resources to looking after their loved ones. There is no need to cancel events or rearrange your schedule to accommodate an appointment across town when medical help and support can come to you.

Talking about symptoms and how they might change over time with your family member’s nurse provides valuable information. Keeping an open dialogue about one’s physical state and one’s feelings about their elusive and often misunderstood autoimmune condition is important for healing and pain management processes. Open communication and availability is a vital part of Integracare’s work. Our services are designed to suit client needs, beliefs, and cultural practices. There’s no doubt that dealing with an autoimmune disease can be challenging for everyone involved. If you’re concerned about someone you love, and you need extra support from someone who understands the chronic nature and wide variety of types of this condition, you can call us to learn more about what Integracare has to offer.

Integracare’s registered nurses, support workers, and therapists develop high quality, individualized care for your family. We’re here for your loved one and yourself on a 24-hour basis in the community or at health care facilities. We provide a variety of information about our services, our mission, and how we can help your loved one in-home, in-residence, or in-hospital on our site, and you can read about us in our latest press releases.