Physiotherapists work with Clients who have been injured or had surgery to aid with proper recovery. Often, they can help avoid the need for surgery in the first place. Physiotherapists also assist with those suffering from chronic pain, illness, or disease to improve comfort, strength, and balance. These professionals often work collaboratively with Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers to develop a comprehensive person-centred health care plan with their Client.

Healing is a process and can be a struggle. Injuries don’t always heal properly on their own, so proper routines, habits, and methods need to be regimented. With age, mobility is restricted as muscles naturally tighten and joints stiffen. It is vital to put work into preventing injury or illness from happening in the first place. Teaching exercise routines and healthy habits is an important part of physical therapy. If a loved one is already ill, has suffered an accident, or is predisposed in some way to become ill or injured, physiotherapy may improve the likelihood of positive recovery. Illness and accidents are difficult emotionally, and a skilled professional can offer much needed social support, as well. Physiotherapists empower and inspire Clients by giving them confidence and practical steps they can use to take part in the healing process.

Integracare offers  physiotherapy services as a part of our comprehensive list of private, at-home healthcare. Our professionals will come to your home to provide guidance with issues like exercise or posture. Our Physiotherapists will work with our Integracare RPN’s and PSW’s to develop specific plans to improve our Clients’ quality of life. ‘At-home’ means anywhere in the community, including a Retirement Residence, Rehabilitation Facility or at the Hospital – wherever our Clients call home. Our physiotherapists are proud to provide prevention and recovery options that make a huge difference in people’s lives. The medical field is continuously advancing, so all of our employees have on-going professional development including physio techniques to expand their knowledge and skills and enable them to handle the challenges of clients with diverse needs.

The team at Integracare also includes Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses,  Registered Massage Therapists, and Personal Support Workers. We’re committed to providing safe, comprehensive, quality health care, best suited to client needs, beliefs, and cultural practices, all on a supervised 24/7 basis. We work with families and their loved ones in provision of care to foster Client Independence and comfort wherever they call home. Read more about our wide variety of home care services in Toronto on our site.

Physiotherapy helps with prevention, injuries, chronic pain, disease, and emotional support for patients. Integracare’s convenient at-home Physio care is a personable and respectful option for an entire spectrum of conditions and circumstances. Call us at any time to ask about how Physiotherapy can assist in your or your loved one’s recovery.