Additional Support Services

Home health care is about more than providing Caregivers.

Home Health Care in Toronto and Mississauga

Home health care starts with a visit from a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse, but that’s not where it ends. The core services Integracare provides are Private Nursing or Support services, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy.

When you get home health care in Toronto or Mississauga from Integracare, we also help with:

  • Case Management to provide the right kind of care and support
  • Assistance with medical equipment and assistive devices
  • Assistance with escorting Clients to appointments and events
  • Assistance with house cleaning and home renovation for accessibility

Case Management as Part of Home Care in Toronto and Mississauga

Integracare Nursing Coordinators are Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses. Visits from Nursing Coordinators help ensure that Integracare Clients have their needs met and that our Caregivers are getting the right professional support.

Case Management starts in our coordination office where we handpick the Caregivers to match the unique care needs of each Client. We take into account the Client’s preferences, condition and medical needs and find the Caregiver with the knowledge and expertise to offer of the highest quality of home health care. We use ongoing Case Management to make sure we’re always upholding a premium standard of care.

Home Health Care Includes Assistive Devices and Medical Equipment and Supplies

In order to ensure comfort and safety for our Clients in their homes, Clients may need a range of equipment within the home. Acquiring the right assistive devices for you or a loved one can be one of the most challenging parts of the transition to home health care. Integracare makes it easy and convenient by selling and renting assistive devices including walkers, bath seats, commodes, wheel chairs, electric hospital beds and more.

In addition to essential assistive devices like these, we also provide a wide range of non-prescription pharmacy and medical supplies, including incontinent pads, gloves, wound care supplies, dressings and diabetic supplies. Medical equipment and supplies are must-haves. For Clients in Toronto or Mississauga home health care must include the appropriate equipment and supplies.

Maintaining Independence with Support from your Home Health Care Provider

Once you or your loved one needs assistance in their home, transportation can become a problem. If our Client’s family or friends are not available to provide transportation, or if they’re unable to provide transferring for Clients in wheelchairs, a Client’s independence can become limited.

Integracare arranges and manages escorting Clients to appointments and events. Assistance with transportation helps maintains a Client’s independence and reduces both dependence on family and the ongoing costs and liabilities of car ownership. Escorting our Clients makes it easier to attend doctor’s appointments or events.

Senior Home Care in Toronto and Mississauga Includes Accessibility

Providing full home care in Toronto and Mississauga means helping with home modifications to improve accessibility. Bathrooms, staircases, bedrooms and kitchens can all require modifications to become fully accessible.

Integracare can assist you with home modifications made by trusted and qualified tradespeople like electricians, plumbers, carpenters and more.

For those who need home health care in Toronto and Mississauga, Integracare is here to provide care, resolve problems and help our Clients maintain quality of life and independence.

Give us a call or get a free in-home assessment and let Integracare provide you with the highest quality service.