The Benefits of Choosing Home Health Care

Getting older certainly comes with its unique challenges. There are health and mobility concerns that arise, and they can sometimes feel nearly impossible to tackle on one’s own. However, with the right kind of healthcare and support, your loved one can age joyfully and comfortably.

Life becomes more manageable when you and your family choose at-home healthcare because your loved one is given the opportunity to stay right at home. The hassle of finding, an assisted living facility or nursing home is eliminated not to mention packing and moving.

Integracare provides private home health care in Toronto and Mississauga. We’ve been delivering the highest quality in home healthcare services for our Clients for almost 30 years. We believe that Seniors and their families have the right to healthcare options in their own home.

For many Seniors, aging in place is not only what they want, but is also their best option. There is no stressful move involved and your loved one can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of home.

If there is a special Senior in your life who is considering the next step in life, read on to discover the benefits of our at-home healthcare services.

Preserves Independence

A common worry among older adults is that age coincides with a loss of autonomy. It can be a valid concern, particularly if someone has to leave their own home to live somewhere completely unknown to them.

There are some benefits to living in assisted living facilities, and sometimes, moving into those types of facilities is necessary. However, that’s not always the case.

Home healthcare brings essential services right to your loved one’s door. Integracare’s certified and highly trained Personal Support Workers (PSWs) provide compassionate one-on-one care and support that is professional, and person centred to meet your needs. Our PSWs can help you or your friend or family member perform household chores such as cleaning and cooking, and they’ll assist with individual healthcare needs.

Your loved one will also maintain a sense of independence when they age at home. It’s important for people to remain autonomous for as long as possible. Over the years, Seniors often build close connections to their community and neighbours and that special bond isn’t always easy to leave behind.

It’s important to keep those relationships alive and social networks thriving. That said, many people enjoy the peaceful solitude of being in their own home without the interference of other residents or the inconvenience of a schedule that doesn’t suit their lifestyle.

Speak with your loved one to see what independence means to them.

Provides Essential Services

You want the best type of support for your family member or friend. We provide crucial services such as personal care, cleaning, cooking, bathing, and toileting. In addition to these services, we deliver compassionate companionship.

Loneliness and isolation are two very real factors affecting Seniors today. Living alone doesn’t inevitably lead to social isolation; however, it can definitely be a contributing cause. It’s important for Seniors to engage in social activities and to maintain relationships with others.

home health care in Toronto

Integracare considers companionship a vital component to at-home healthcare for Seniors. Our PSWs provide sincere companionship with Clients. They’ll sit down with your loved one, have a cup of tea or coffee, and engage in meaningful conversation. We like to include activities into our practice to activate mental alertness amongst our Clients. If there is a particular board game or card game that your loved one enjoys, be sure to let us know.

We select our PSWs based on experience, thorough background checks, and personality. To be a PSW is not an easy job. Our staff is passionate about ensuring the safety, happiness, and well-being of every Client and we build strong relationships by exhibiting respect and consideration in any situation.

Specialized Dementia Care

Integracare also provides critical Dementia Care services in Toronto and Mississauga to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of Dementia. Dementia is a disease that can be incredibly difficult for people to accept. We’re here to help.

Our PSWs and caregiving staff receive continuing, exclusive education from the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto to increase their knowledge and understanding of the disease, and to ensure they deliver the best and most effective care techniques.

Dementia Care can be a sensitive and challenging topic to discuss with loved ones. However, being proactive about what you and your family can do in advance will have long-lasting advantages. It’s important to figure out a plan as soon as your loved one receives a diagnosis because the disease tragically progresses with time. You shouldn’t have to handle the complexities and stress that Dementia will throw at you and your family alone.

Take the time to ask questions such as is home health care the right choice for your family and how will your family member benefit from at-home Dementia care?  Speak with your loved one to see what he or she considers important when it comes to long-term healthcare. Although it’s difficult, it’s important to address the complications that Dementia will inevitably bring to your family’s lives early, so that everyone will have a better understanding of what to expect with the disease.

We offer compassionate and flexible home healthcare that grows and adapts as Dementia progresses. If a family member or friend is diagnosed with Dementia, we’ll connect them with a specialized Dementia Caregiver who will be able to meet their unique healthcare needs. Registered Nursing specialists supervise our Caregivers on a 24/7 basis, and they complete thorough training and education. Integracare is the only provider of home healthcare committed to educating our entire staff in all four facets of Dementia Care.

Integracare’s objective is to provide the highest quality of care with compassion and engaging companionship. Our experts will be there to guide you through it all and to help everyone transition into this next chapter of life.

Provides a Healthy Lifestyle

You can guarantee nutritious meals with Integracare. Our Caregivers and PSWs work with your loved one to devise a healthy meal plan that works for their lifestyle and diet. A benefit of ageing at home is that your family member can receive delicious, home-cooked meals every single day with fresh ingredients when they want!

We will cater to any dietary restrictions or nutrition goals so that your loved feels nourished and healthy. We like to engage with our Clients as much as possible. We’ll invite them to help with meal preparation and recipe advice. Cooking can become a fun, shared activity between Client and Caregiver. It’s something that your loved one can look forward to.

We also provide Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy services. For individuals who have suffered any type of accident or fall, our professional Registered Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists can get your family member right back into shape within the comfort of home.

Let us help you and your family by being an integral part of your support system. Home healthcare promotes an active and independent lifestyle for Seniors. Discuss the options that are available and get in touch for more info about how Integracare can bring joy into your family’s life.

Ageing isn’t always a simple process, but we believe that it doesn’t have to be a chore. Living at home is important to so many of us. It allows us the freedom to be exactly who we want to be in a comfortable and safe space.