Our aging population is growing, and most individuals would like to stay living in their homes as long as possible. Living happy and healthy lives well into older age is possible with the help and support of loved ones, the community, and a variety of in-home healthcare services in Toronto. If you are wondering how you can assist more in your loved one’s life, here are some practical suggestions.

Help with Shopping

It would be great if all our essentials were delivered and available right when we need them. This can be possible for the Senior in your life. Whether it be accompanying your loved ones on shopping trips, arranging for grocery ordering and delivering, assisting with any of these, food and other essential toiletries and prescriptions can be there when needed.

Take Care of Chores

All the little tasks that need doing around the home build-up quickly. If your loved one has limited mobility or is experiencing an illness, these tasks can become overwhelming to complete. Assisting with cleaning rooms and doing the dishes, dusting, replacing lightbulbs, etc. makes a big difference for their comfort and safety. If you are lacking the time to regularly perform these chores, hiring housekeeping services from Integracare is helpful, too.

Improve Safety & Comfort at Home

Assistive and comfort devices are a great aid at home. These could be comfortable and supportive bedding like a hospital-style bed, handle bars installed in the shower or bath, kitchen implements that are ergonomically-designed, adding more lighting, and a wide range mobility devices. Integracare will gladly do a free home risk assessment as part of its ongoing home nursing and/or personal support service offering.  Our Registered Nursing Coordinators can also help with obtaining any assistive devices required.

Avoid Loneliness and Isolation for Seniors

Time spent with a Caregiver can create a helpful and caring relationship and bond with Clients. Loved ones’ schedules do not always allow for ample time to provide support for Seniors in their lives. Loneliness and isolation is an increasing issue with age. Time spent with an Integracare Caregiver will help form a connection with trust, dependability, and confidence. With the goals of compassion and joyful living in mind, an Integracare Caregiver can also encourage your Senior loved one to regularly practice daily habits and activities that promote good mental and physical health.

Arrange for a Variety of In-Home Services

At Integracare, we offer a variety of services delivered by fully-trained and knowledgeable Registered Professionals, like Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Registered Physiotherapists, and Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs). We provide home nursing care, personal support services, Dementia Care, Palliative Care, Wound Care, massage therapy, physiotherapy and health care advocacy. Our Clients’ care plans are developed with Clients’ beliefs and cultural practices in mind, and we embrace a collaborative philosophy that works with Clients, their families, and the broader community.

The compassionate services provided by Integracare can improve Seniors’ lives in the areas of physical and mental health, and can promote independent living, dignity, and a positive and joyful lifestyle. Our knowledgeable professionals are focussed on improving the quality of life of our Clients. Ask how we can help today.

Ways to Improve Care for Senior Loved Ones