Wound or Dressing Care

When you or your loved one is discharged from the hospital with a surgical wound, it needs both time and the right care to heal. You need the help of a Registered Nurse who cares about their Clients and wants to see them recover quickly and fully. If you need private nursing care in Toronto, Integracare is here to help.

Post-surgery recovery is a sensitive time for you or your loved one. Prepare in advance by talking to Integracare about Wound Care in Toronto and Mississauga. We make sure you’re connected to a Registered Nurse with the right training and expertise to offer the best possible wound or dressing care at home.

Nursing Care Services in Toronto and Mississauga

Integracare Nurses have specialized knowledge and training in Wound Care, which enables us to provide exceptional at-home care using the best treatments and products. We work closely with each Client to meet their individual needs.

A Wound Care Nurse is responsible for assessing, treating, and caring for wounds. They create a care plan and have a higher level of knowledge of wounds and experience with Wound Care. A Wound Care Nurse can also help you learn how to prevent infections or future wounds such as pressure sores.

Wound Care Nurses assess and measure the wound and skin around it, choose the right dressing or treatment, and change wound dressings as required. Wound Care Nurses also remove clips or sutures after surgery in the privacy and comfort of our Client’s homes.

In-home wound or dressing care is an important measure to prevent infections and heal wounds properly. Before or after surgery or an injury, call Integracare and ask about private nursing care in Toronto or Mississauga. We can get you or your loved one on the road to recovery conveniently and with comfort and dignity.

Wound Care for Chronic Conditions

Surgery is not the only reason you or your loved one may need Wound Care. Chronic conditions can also be the cause of wounds. For example, Clients with diabetes may be at risk for wounds like foot ulcers. Wound Care is a sensitive process. You need a Registered Nurse with expertise in the field and an open ear, someone who listens to your concerns and cares about your recovery.

Private Nursing Care Available in Toronto and Mississauga

Private nursing care in Toronto and Mississauga is available at your home. Travelling to and from a hospital for wound care can be difficult, expensive and uncomfortable. Private nursing care in Toronto and Mississauga is available in your home through Integracare.

Wound Care can happen in the privacy of our Client’s home conveniently and where they feel comfortable and dignified. Extending hospital stays can increase infection risks and have a negative emotional impact. Private nursing care at home is also easier for families to manage and better for our Clients’ mental well-being. Nothing feels better than the comforts of home after the stress of a surgery. Give us a call or get a free in-home assessment and let Integracare provide you or your loved one with a Wound Care Nurse.